Something Elevated This Way Comes?

I missed this from last week’s LA Times: Ray Bradbury has issued a call to arms to build a series of monorailsas a solution to LA’s transportation woes.

The most eye-opening thing from this piece is the story of the Alweg Monorail Company‘s 1963 offer to build a monorail system for FREE. Of course that was shot down.

I vote yes on the monorail. At least until somebody gets me that jetpack I was supposed to have by now.

2 thoughts on “Something Elevated This Way Comes?”

  1. It says the monorail system will not only be cheap, but would take a few months to build.
    I’m highly skeptical as to that length of time – I doubt it takes into account making required adjustments on existing freeways.
    Still, Bradbury makes some excellent points.
    I’m also in favor of the monorail. Unfortunately, I think LA will crumble due to the overwhelming gridlock before this ever happens.

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