This continuing story has been in the local news since the first riot broke out on Saturday.

All Los Angeles County Jails on Lockdown

LOS ANGELES – All seven Los Angeles County jails were on lockdown Thursday after another brawl broke out between Hispanic and black inmates, continuing a week of rioting that has injured scores of inmates and killed one.

Five racially motivated fights broke out Wednesday, the largest involving about 300 inmates in a dorm at the medium-security North Facility of Pitchess Detention Center in Castaic, about 40 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles, said sheriff’s Sgt. Don Manumaleuna.

“Deputies were able to regain control of the facility, and at this time they’re investigating the cause of the disturbance,” he said.

A total of 19 inmates were injured in the fighting Wednesday, one critically, said sheriff’s Deputy Bill Spear. [full story]

One thought on “Lockdown!”

  1. Last night’s PBS show about DNA admixtures has me thinking of a solution to the latino/black conflict. Have the rioting convicts give cheek swabs for race analysis. When the results come back with a breakdown on the percentage of Indian, African, European ancestry in each convict, they’ll see how much alike they are racially and how meaningless are labels like latino and black. I guarantee it.

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