Bush’s Building Renaming

Today when Shrub gave his fear mongering speech containing a reference to the dated news item about the attacks plotted on the Library Tower, he mistakingly called it the “Liberty Tower.” In this article, Patt Morrision wonders if Bush is planning on liberating Los Angeles from the Hollywood Foreign Press or possibly high gas prices. I thought his Roves plan to liberate Caleeeforeenya was already in motion with the Gropeinator at the helm. Maybe Bush and Co. can save California and Los Angeles from our heathen ways by slashing all that darn Federal money our social programs get.

UPDATE Doh, this post is totally unabashedly redundant. I apologize for scanning and not reading this. Btw it is called the Library Tower because in order to build such a tall building on such a small parcel the builders had to get air rights from another building, and since the Central Library will never be any taller (it has grown down underground instead of up) the developers negotiated the rights to the Library’s air space and thus it was donned the Library Tower. This nugget of information is brought to you courtesy of the Los Angeles Conservancy who leads wonderful tours of Los Angeles and who told me this on the Downtown’s Evolving Skyline tour. Also calling it the US Bank Building isn’t as cool as calling it the Library Tower.