Slicing and Dicing (or the lack thereof)

dahlia2.jpgApparently this morning’s discovery of a dismembered body in North Hills isn’t enough for L.A. Noir blogger Stephen Blackmoore.

Just out of curiosity, I did a Google News search for “dismembered body”. I got 310 hits. Iowa, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Gambia, London, Bulgaria. The list goes on… Now, I know what you’re thinking. Where are L.A.’s hacked up corpses? I mean, we’ve got a reputation to uphold. We’ve got the goddamn Black Dahlia. Sadly, L.A.’s just not the place for dismemberment anymore. Tack on “Los Angeles” to that search, and you’ll get a whopping 4 hits. One of them’s actually a Daly City story and another one is for The 1947 Project’s Crime Bus.

Stephen closes by asking, “If you’re going to off somebody in L.A., how would you hide the body?” (Perhaps he should ask Olivia Newton John.)

On a side note, the 1947 Project has scheduled another Black Dahlia inspired Crime Bus Tour for February 26th. More information on tickets can be found here, and you can read Jillian Tate’s review of the original tour here at

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  1. Thanks for linking to Stephen’s good post, David. I read it this morning, loved it, and meant to say something at Wonderland but got distracted by … work.

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