“Give Me Your Money You Thieving Bastards!”

I just have to make a quick post to say how glad I am that I don’t have to listen to Ruth Seymour berating me to join KCRW anymore. Not that I mind the fund-raising drive. I actually listen to it all week and even enjoy some of the banter between a few of the hosts. Especially Warren Olney. But Ruth Seymour’s segments drive me nuts and, like a lot of people…like most people even, I could do without hearing her voice ever again.

For the record, I waited until the very last minute, pledged $50 and got an Arctic Monkeys CD. I only heard one premium all week that I was remotely interested in, and I turned on radio‚Äîafter three straight days of listening all day‚Äîjust in time to hear them announce that they were all gone. Maybe I’ll win a Saab convertible.

5 thoughts on ““Give Me Your Money You Thieving Bastards!””

  1. They actually have huge numbers of CDs available as premiums. The phone volunteers will be happy to help you find something that you’ll like (although it’s best to call during the music programming since that tends to be the more music-oriented volunteer time as well).

    I volunteered for the August ’04 pledge drive and it was a lot of fun. If we weren’t in the midst of a move for this one, I would have volunteered again now that we live much closer. I guess my wife and I will have to do it next year.

    Oh and not to be snarky, but, oh fuck, it I’ll be snarky: I before E except after C.

  2. Yeah… I usuallly donate the first day and turn it off for a week just to keep the DJ’s from pestering me. I can’t stand be bothered about donating when I already do every year. I always do the $10/month thing… it’s easy and makes me feel a whole lot better about myself. I even posted about this on my blog a little while back… Nice to see lots of people supporting KCRW.

  3. I used to answer phones during KCRW drives in the late 80s. Occasionally people would call in and offer to give money if the station would get rid of Ruth. The best offer I got was $1000.

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