Two Posts to Peep

It’s past midnight and I’m going through RSS feeds and found these two from folks in LA that you will probably enjoy. Franklin Aveneue has posted a ton of photos from the Ambassador wake. Our own Will Campbell was there, I was bummed that I couldn’t make it but these photos are great to look at and put faces with plenty of other LA Bloggers. Speaking of LA Bloggers, I don’t even know what to think about this strip club story over on LA Voice, but it’s completely facinating. Here’s a snip:

XXXGUY1XXX has a criminal record of stalking other women (I personally know two of his other victims) and he is involved with organized collar crime. He bragged to my husband, “I got guys working for me.” One of his ‘pals’ is a very creepy looking guy named ‘XXXGUY3XXX’ who we have learned is a professional killer. XXXGUY1XXX is a cocaine addict and an alcoholic. When my husband returned to the apartment to pack up our belongings, XXXGUY1XXX burst in on him in a totally crazed state and tried to assault him, shouting “WHERE’S THE GIRL?!” over and over. He furiously demanded to talk to me. When my husband tried to defend himself, XXXGUY1XXX called the police. On top of everything else, XXXGUY1XXX is a snitch. Finally he blurted out, ‘I’LL CONTROL HER THROUGH THE CHURCH!’ What on earth was behind that statement, we don’t know. But based upon certain things we saw going on at XXXCLUBXXX we have our suspicions.

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