Tristan Prettyman At The Roxy…

DSC_8890dx.jpgEverytime I photograph a concert, I go through this almost Monk-like neurotic ritual beforehand where I’m full of anxiety and question why I lug my heavy gear and go through the hassles of getting to the venue early, checking in at the box office, and going through security, not to mention staking out a spot and camping out, sometimes for hours at a time, at the front of the stage before the artist I’m there to see makes his/her/their appearance. But once the show starts, all the tension fades to oblivion and I’ll snap away, looking for that one special shot.

Case in point was Tristan Prettyman‘s sold-out show this past Friday night at The Roxy in West Hollywood (with Ben Taylor, the son of James Taylor and Carly Simon, as one of the opening acts). For me that one special shot was of Tristan and her boyfriend Jason Mraz together onstage singing “Shy That Way.”

It’s interesting to note that during her show, Tristan mentioned MySpace, and judging by her profile, it’s readily apparent that the community there has greatly helped her career. In fact, unlike LAist, I cannot stress enough how great MySpace has been for musicians as well as music fans like myself.

(And here’s a note to myself as well as the guys out there: Tristan attracts a lot of hot girls to her shows. As if her music wasn’t enough of an incentive to check out her next show, the largely female audience should be another one.)

More photos from Tristan’s show here (bandwidth warning: lots of photos).

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  1. Jen was a great addition to Tristan’s set… she complemented Tristan very well and never overpowered her music. I didn’t know that she had toured with Jason Mraz before.

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