14 thoughts on “Silverlake Walkin’ Guy”

  1. Ah! Dr. Reader-Walker! He has a cult following in Silverlake, and is a popular ‘costume’ at Halloween parties. And he’s a real MD! I moved to Los Feliz and haven’t seen him, for awhile–so thanks for the post.

  2. After never seeing him I hit a streak of seeing him several times in the last few months. He’s totally a local celeb.

  3. Cool. When I lived in Silverlake 87-93 I used to see him all the time. Called him Walking Man then too.

  4. He’s my doctor!! I show up for my first appt with my new GP and when he found out I was from Silverlake/Echo Park, he proudly showed me the framed newspaper articles about his neighborhood notoriety around his office. He’s a nice guy and a compassionate doctor. :)

  5. Hey folks … his name is Marc Abrams. I see him several times each week. He’s as ubiquitous to the neighborhood as our local skunks, coyotes and great blue herons. Don’tcha just luv the Silver Lake fauna! You’ll find an interview posted on the “official” Silver Lake Website at http://gen3.connectingneighbors.com/static/2182.pdf (.pdf file).

  6. I see him at all times of day on all days of the week – I wonder: If he’s a doctor, when does he have time to doct?

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