Guest Post: Cruft on BonaVista

February 5, 2006 at 3:49 pm in Uncategorized

I got a note from Michael Pusateri with a little submissions since posting had been kind of light on today. Here’s his take on the BonaVista Lounge.

Looking for a new spot in LA for a drink that will impress both visitors and native Angelenos? Look no further than the BonaVista Lounge on top of the famed Westin Bonaventure Hotel in downtown LA. Site of many movie shoots and immortalized in the opening to the 80s Buck Rogers series, it doesn’t get more Hollywood than this.

The BonaVista Lounge is the 35th story of the hotel and rotates, giving you a view of the city from up in the sky. From thirty five stories, you can see the city sprawled out to the horizon, awash in light and rivers of traffic. The bar specializes in martinis and souvenir drinks but the menu includes a range of appetizers and even steaks from the nearby restaurant. Drinks are pricey, around $10 a pop, but you are really paying for the spectacular view.

A great way to begin or end an evening, the Bonavista is a hidden LA treasure.

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