A Hellish Hollywood Tour


As much as we love Los Angeles for its sunshine, everyone here is also aware of the dark-side to LA. Whether it’s true tales of murder or fictionalized representations in Hollywood, LA has that hellish under-side as Swedish artist, and WE Activist, P√§r Str√∂mberg details on in “A Hellish Hollywood Tour”

Rent a car and plug some juicy dark black metal into your speakers… this guide will take you through an occult and murderous adventure through Hollywood Hills and surroundings – What did I see can I believe that what I saw that night was real and not just fantasy…

Covering legendary and infamous places such as Hillside Strangler Home, the Nightmare On Elm Street House, the Halloween Houses, Sharon Tate House, La Bianca House, Hollywood Forever РHollywood Memorial Park, The Glenn Danzig Mansion, and The Franklin House (complete with pictures), Strömberg takes us over to the dark-side.

Image, by Strömberg, is of the Nightmare on Elm Street house.

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