The Return Of The RIDE-Arc Rides

bike.jpgThe first-Friday-of-the-month evening group bike rides known as RIDE-Arc are back tomorrow after a two-month hiatus. Organized by members of the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) community and inspired by the Midnight Ridazz, RIDE-Arc rides tour a loosely referenced architectural theme that rolls its riders past places that have shaped and are shaping our urban landscape.’s Eecue wrote about the fun he had with the last RIDE-Arc to take place in November. I’ll be doing my first one tomorrow night. Here are the details:

WHERE: The gathering/starting point will be the Mobil Station on the southwest corner of Sunset and La Brea in Hollywood
WHEN: Friday, February 3 at 9 p.m.
THEME: “Sex, Sexuality and Love” – RIDE-Arc founder Alex Amerri tells me “the route is themed around sexuality expressed in architecture (male vs. female buildings/architectural spaces), places that are centered around that ever-present human need to find love, and the variations in expression of love (singles, couple, children, families, (lust?)).”
ROUTE: Roughly 16 miles ending where it started at Sunset and La Brea; a few slight hills
FOR MORE INFO: [email protected]
ADDITIONAL DETAILS: “There are no requirements of ability or skill to ride with everyone, just bring your own bike! Any bike! Road, MTB, Fixed Gear, BMX, Cruisers, Choppers, Lowriders… even recumbants. Really!! A helmet is a good idea if you’ve got one, but it is optional and we ride safely. If you’ve got a light, bring it lit up – the more the better. No rider left behind! “

2 thoughts on “The Return Of The RIDE-Arc Rides”

  1. Next time, I am SO there – but we Santa Monica Critical Mass’ers are having a one-year anniversary ride & post-ride party. This sounds really fascinating though – history and architecture and mass riding are some of my favorite things!! Thanks for posting about it :-)

  2. I really want to go, but I have to drive out to the desert for some Search and Rescue training… I may still try and make it though.

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