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When my husband got his Vespa, he was worried about being laughed at or even beat up by serious bikers. While this is pretty silly of him, it can’t be denied that he’s basically riding a leaf blower, power-wise.

He quickly realized that the worst he’d get is slight condescension – the kind of treatment one might give a loved kid brother who’s a little slow. Many bikers give him “the nod” when they pass in traffic, and of course fellow scooter riders honk and wave and are generally adorable.

So today he was apparently stuck behind a slow-moving vehicle on La Brea, and when he was finally able to get around it at the intersection of Second Street he gunned it through the intersection despite the yellow light that was turning red.

Coming the opposite direction was a motorcycle cop.

…Who also gunned it through the intersection, giving my husband “the nod” as they passed.

10 thoughts on “Scooter Stories”

  1. Never underestimate the power of the nod. For the years I rode a Honda 450 Hawk I cherished those rare instances when a rider of a “real” motorcycle would acknowledge me.

  2. that is funny. i used to drive a baby blue scooter in houston texas and was always a little worried of getting picked on… but for the most part, everyone waved at me at intersections and bikers gave the nod.

  3. Unsomnambulist, I think you missed my point, which was that LA’s serious bikers do not target Vespa riders. Indeed, they seem to appreciate or even enjoy their presence on the road.

  4. With all due respect to Unsomnambulist, “serious motorcyclists” – the real ones – respect and appreciate _all_ who ride on two wheels! I’ve been riding for most of the past 30 years, and it bothers me to see elitist behavior, whether it’s between Harley riders and Sport bikes (I ride a Harley) or between “real” motorcycles and scooters. If you’re riding on two wheels in Los Angeles, we have a common adversary; the cars and trucks that sometimes seem to be after us all. As such, I consider every fellow rider a comrade.

  5. Right on Mike. I ride a Vespa and often get a nod, wave or 2-finger sign from other riders. In my experience, most people on two wheels are pretty cool.

  6. Interesting…I was searching for a vintage Vespa dealer in LA today. Any reccomendations?

  7. Sorry, I’m one of those guys that rides a “real” motorcycle :)

    Google ‘Vintage Vespa “Los Angeles”‘ for some yummy sites! I saw there’s a Vespa club in Pasadena that should be able to help.

    Or if you feel more adventurous, start hanging at the Cat & Fiddle pub… I often see Vespas parked in front!

  8. Kinetic Energy doesn’t discriminate. Bouncing off a Soccer Moms rear quarter panel hurts the same on a FJR .vs. Vespa. The FJR just makes a slightly larger dent. And Seeing one of the scooter crowd Winging down Sepulveda with traffic wizzing by inches always deserves a wave … If not a salute!

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