11 thoughts on “Dear Silver Pick-Up Driver,”

  1. One of my biggest “pet peeve”. If you _have_ to own a juggernaut of a vehicle, you have to live with the downside. It is NOT a “Compact”, so you cannot park in a space so marked!

    I heard a rumor that the city’s thinking of abolishing the “Compact” space requirement, because so many people ignore the signage. That’d mean that there will be fewer spaces for everyone, including this douchebag!

  2. I really don’t understand why Compact cars are deemed so special as to get their own specially designated spots. It does not make sense to me, never has.

    Especially since nobody pays attention to that signage.

  3. It’s to fit more spots. You could have 10 fullsized spots, or 12 compact ones. But when a truck like this parks in a smaller compact spot, it ends up taking up the spots on either side so one car is taking up 3 spots.

  4. The city mandates a certain number of parking spots for every new development, like a mall for instance.

    To get around spending precious land on parking lots, developers came up with the “compact” idea, so they can make the city happy, with fewer kickbacks.

    It’s a pretty stupid fucking way to handle the problem of parking and it has nothing to do with encouraging people to drive smaller cars, or rewarding them when they do. Like a deadbeat dad who works for cash under the table, it’s just a way of getting around a system that simply does not work.

    The city should really address this, just as soon as they finish spending our money on that GTA lawsuit.

  5. My idea: Leave an anonymous note on the windshield apologizing for hitting the truck.

    He’ll go nuts trying to figure out where the damage is.

  6. OMG people can be so fucking selfish! I remember when some assholes blocked my car from a parking job like this. I swear to god people the next time you can’t park between the lines and block my car, I will slash your fucking tire.


  7. My idea: Leave an anonymous note on the windshield apologizing for hitting the truck.

    Ha ha ha. That’s funny as hell. I leave people like this notes all the time, but they’re usually just of the “You’re a dumbass” variety.

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