Scarface Interrupted

Al Pachino and I were at Rose Cafe a few days ago. No we weren‚Äôt there together. My friend Carmen and I stopped to get some snacks after a walk on Venice Beach and we happened to spy him having a loud conversation with someone. I wouldn’t have noticed him unless Carmen had pointed him out, as I never seem to spot celebrities.

Since we had the dog, we were sitting out on the patio. I found a children’s weeble-wobble on the beach and was playing with it at the table. Carment and I were talking about balance and I was making some funny loud comment, just as Al was walking out the door to his car. He thought my comment was addressed to him and stopped, looked over and said, “huh?”. I didn’t realized who it was and responded “It’s a weeble-wobble!”. Al turned and shook his head in what I assume was confusion. Only then, did I realize that it was Scarface himself and we burst out laughing.

2 thoughts on “Scarface Interrupted”

  1. Something similar happened to me back in December at El Cid, when Kiefer Sutherland went outside into the courtyard and accidentally got in between a conversation a friend and I were having.

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