Adam Carolla… Funny Or Racist?

February 1, 2006 at 2:01 pm in LA

Quite frankly, I could care less about Adam Carolla‘s attempts to replace Howard Stern on weekday mornings here on FREE-FM, so thanks to Franklin Avenue for mentioning what happened on his show last Wednesday:

Not even a month into his new 97.1 Free FM morning show (where he replaced Howard Stern), and Adam Carolla is already out of material. It takes some hack morning DJs months to sink to bad, outdated stereotypes in an attempt to muster some weak laughs. Apparently Carolla is already there.

According to the Radio Business Report, Carolla is already mocking Asian Americans by making “ching-chong” sounds. How very retro of Carolla, who might consider donning Mickey Rooney/”Breakfast at Tiffany’s”-style thick round glasses and fake buck teeth for his next publicity photo. I’m guessing some good ol’ fashioned “Amos and Andy” blackface is next on his plate?

It’s disappointing; I actually thought Carolla did a good job co-hosting “Loveline” with Dr. Drew Pinsky, and did some decent bits for KROQ’s Kevin & Bean back in the day. Why does anyone need to go down this road, especially since even if you’re not offended by it, it’s just not that funny?

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Obviously this has many Asian Americans and Asian American groups up in arms.

You can listen to the bit here.

Interesting enough, there is no mention of this bit whatsoever for that day on their official show blog.

And this isn’t apparently the first time that Adam has been offensive in this vein before.

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