orochon special 2 spice level

Some times I don’t make the smartest decisions when it comes to my culinary explorations. There was that one time in Tokyo when I tried the chicken sashimi and repeatedly after a night at the bar I find myself drawn to the danger dog cart. Some of my hacker friends make something called Habeñero rum which is incredibly spicy and I’ve had it a few times, but it didn’t prepare me for the Special 2 Spice Level Orochon Ramen.
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rent bio-diesel cars in los angeles

Los Angeles TrafficA few months ago, I grabbed one of those “closest you can get without a blue tag” spots in front of Whole Foods. When I got out of my car, one of the cart-collecting Whole Foods guys asked me how I liked my car, which is a VW Golf TDI. I told him I was very happy with it, and I especially loved averaging 380 miles between fill ups.

“Is it bio?” He said.

“No,” I said, “I didn’t even know you could get bio-diesel in Los Angeles.”

“You can,” he said, “but it’s just at this one place in downtown.”

“Oh,” I said, “Well, if I’m ever down there, I’ll check it out.”

I forgot about it until today, when I read that Bio-Beetle Eco Rental Cars has set up shop in town.
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That Ferrari Enzo Story (Update!)…


(Photo courtesy of EuroGamer.)

Remember the Ferrari Enzo that crashed last Monday? There’s an update to the story (via LA Observed):

The case of the Malibu Ferrari crash gets stranger. There may be a gun involved, the car may have been illegal, and the top of the Times story makes it sound like authorities now believe there really was a second person in the car when it crashed. But there’s no support for that claim in the rest of the story, just the skepticism from last week.

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The Meeting of the Marys

taken by BinaryLA

I was out of town for the big event, but I can always count on Flickr. It’s just like being there. BinaryLA even got a far better view than I ever would have. The resident Queen Mary got to meet her replacement, Queen Mary II, currently the largest cruise ship on the seas. (Those little specs in the photo are helicopters!) Here’s the event recap at the official site and the LA Times recap (with photos) and catch more Queen Mary pics on Flickr.

LA Rap News

A couple rap related articles caught my eye in the last couple of days and I’ve been meaning to post them here. First of all, Busta Rhymes is hiding out in LA after the shooting of one of his body guards, it seems he is trying to avoid being served with a subpoena. The next bit of news is that Master P was busted for felony illegal possession of a firearm. He is in LA filming ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and was pulled over for not having a license plate on his vehicle.

jbum Brings The Knowledge at USC

Jay Bumgardner, one of our Peanut Gallery regulars and overall far-too-productive guy, is giving a presentation tonight at USC about how to make a Karl Marx toy in Flash. How can you not want to make a Karl Marx toy in Flash? Actually, it’s about “Interactive Art & Toys in Flash,” so he may end up doing another example. But still, sounds like an interesting experience, and it’s free:

Interactive Art & Toys in Flash
Tuesday, Feb. 28
7:30-9:30 @ (USC Campus) SAL 127

Feeling Powerless?

At least one area of Silverlake is – North of Rowena and West of Hyperion there seems to be a few blocks with no power and maybe no phone. Things are fine where I am which is shocking as usually when we get more than a solid hour of rain we lose everything. Underground transformers to blame?

Loving LA (kind of)

I feel the same way as this missed craigslist connection.

I was in love with you the moment I saw you. I remember vividly driving down PCH and seeing you out of the passenger window of the car, the way you looked at me, I knew that eventually we would somehow be together. Read on.

I remember my own fond post-work liasion with the above described. I had put my bikini on under my motorcycle gear and was commuting home from my Valley job on my motorcycle. The sun was setting, the air was moist and warm in my open face screen. I pulled over, pulled off the leathers and ran to splash and play in the orangepink light.

Thanks for serving democracy; enjoy your stay in prison!

Wild story in my inbox this morning: while temping as a word processor at the Los Angeles office of mega-law firm Jones Day, Steve Heller uncovered several documents indicating the installation of uncertified software in voting machines manufactured by Jones Day client, Diebold Election Systems, Inc. Two years after bringing the shenigans of his former employer to the light of day (that would be–ahem–just before the November 2004 election), Heller is being charged with three counts of felony by the Los Angeles District Attorney, supposedly under pressure by said former employer.
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Not Too Legit To Blog

Relayed from Blogebrity who found it at Valleywag, comes the news that Stanley Kirk Burrell otherwise known as MC Hammer has commenced blogging.

From yesterday’s entry, Stanley relates a “horrible dream” he had in which he’s down on his luck somewhere in the south in 1968 and decides to become an officer of the law:

I walked into the sheriff’s office and immediately all eyes were on me. The room went silent and you could hear a rat pissin’ on cotton. My dark chocolate skin and my bold jaw line complimented [sic] my broad nose and my full lips. I opened my mouth and simply said, “I’m here to apply for a job as an officer.”

Rat pissin’ on cotton? Chocolate skin? Bold jaw line complementing his broad nose? I could go on cutting and pasting the ensuing strangeness that unfolds, but suffice it to say he’s accepted as a cadet and then gets beaten to death, all of which dovetails nicely into a plug for his new single, “History, I Won’t Give Up,” off his upcoming album “LookLookLook.”

And if that weren’t bad enough a moblog entry down the page shows that Hammer drives a Hummer, which sooooo overqualifies him for Shane’s asshole fine.

BarCamp is this weekend


Wow – less than a week away already! All the details on Bar Camp Los Angeles can be found on the site including a long list of people who will be presenting on something, and and an even longer list of people who will be coming but haven’t yet figured out what they will be talking about (myself included). From the looks of it so far it’s going to be quite an event. Hope to see you there!

BarCamp takes place the evening of *Saturday, March 4th, 2006*, and 10a-5p or so on *Sunday, March 5th, 2006* @ Little Radio Warhouse, 1218 Long Beach Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90021