Police Commission Sides Against Bratton

I’ve got a question mark on that subject because I can’t find the decesion online anywhere right now but an e-mail I just got from Eric Carcetti’s office leads me to believe that is the case. This morning we heard ( from KTLA and LA Times) that:

“Los Angeles Police Chief William J. Bratton has concluded that the officer who shot 13-year-old Devin Brown last year acted appropriately ‚Äî a decision that sets up a potential high-profile conflict with the city’s civilian Police Commission, which plans to debate the matter today.”

So we knows the Chiefs position, but I just got Council President Eric Garcetti’s statement on the police commission decision which says:

“The violent tragedy that led to the loss of a young man’s life forces us to look inward as a city. Trust between law enforcement and citizens is vital. It is earned in hundreds of hours of quiet, unheralded work and it can be destroyed in an instant. We must now seek a way forward to restore that trust. Anger and sorrow should each have their voice. Hard work lies ahead of us.

I have deep admiration for both Chief Bratton and the members of the Police Commission. While I greatly respect the Chief’s unique insight and vast knowledge of police work, I believe that the Police Commission has come to an appropriate decision. The Commission’s action is one part of serving justice; now, together, we must walk down the hard road of restoring trust.”

So I’m guessing that the Comission disagreed with Chief Bratton on the subject. As soon as I find a link backing that up I’ll post it. Assuming that is the case, I think it’s great that the Commission is standing up like that. I’ve made my feelings on this kind of thing pretty open in the past, Law Enforecement is there because we put trust in them and we give them the authority to do their jobs. This is something that it seems is often forgotten or overlooked.

UPDATE: LA Observed has the news and found a link on KFWB. Looks like they decided that Officer Steven Garcia’s actions up to and including drawing him weapon were justified, but that he was in the wrong by actually fireing and killing unarmed 13 year old Devon Brown. In case you missed this – last summer an LAPD re-enactment showed that Devon was not in any way driving the car towards officers when he was shot.