One more reason not to drink the water…

Recycled water pumped back into California aquifers has been found to contain trace amounts of prescription drugs including “antibiotics, antipsychotics, birth-control hormones, Viagra and Valium.” Although the drugs have been found only in very small amounts, scientists are still unsure of possible health effects. The question remains, does Britta filter out Viagra?

2 thoughts on “One more reason not to drink the water…”

  1. Silent on whether alternative sources of water (e.g. Sparkletts) are any different. The NRDC published a study in 1999 concluding that bottled water quality varies widely, and seldom is significantly different than typical municipal tap water. It all comes from the same sources, wells and aquifers, so if there’s a problem with L.A. water (for instance), then you’re going to have a problem with Crystal Geyser too, which comes from the same source (Owens Valley).

  2. Yeah, I’ve always wondered about that too….which bottled water comes from the cleanest source? After reading that article about drugs in our water, I don’t trust my Brita anymore….it’s just a charcoal filter.

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