Lucha Va Screwed?

Lucha Va Voom has three upcoming shows on February 14th-16th at the Mayan Theatre, but it’s interesting to see that the rumors I had heard about the organization coming to fruition, starting with this blog post by a burlesque dancer named Miss Satanica who has worked for them before:

Lucha Va Voom is as bad as Suicide Girls- No WORSE!!! YOU ARE EXPLOITED SEX WORKERS!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello to all of my grand burlesque friends. I know a lot of you are doing the Valentine’s Day Lucha show and I would indeed be very happy for you if you were getting paid. But, as we know, most of you are not, even though you are using your sexuality to make money for Rita D’Albert and Liz Fairbarn. Perhaps you are showing your tits, too. This would make you an EXPLOITED SEX WORKER- do you realize this?

You are in no better a situation than a street walker with a nasty pimp.

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Now you may remember that I did a couple of Lucha shows myself that I was ripped off for- but at least they promised me money and then ripped me off- I didn’t go into this thinking I would be working for free- oh no.

And I was very lucky- I got a huge amount of press from it- more press than Liz and Rita wanted- that is for sure- but ladies- most of you do not have fire and will not get that kind of attention from the press- so therefore there is not a huge reason for you to go work for free- unless, that is, you LIKE supporting coke and botox habits.

Really- no one should be working for Lucha for free- that is the bottom line. Not ring girls- not dancers with thier bounced checks- none of you.

You are using your sexuality for someone else to profit. Remember this as you bounce across stage like a monkey for the wanna-be corporate sell outs.


4 thoughts on “Lucha Va Screwed?”

  1. So . . . unless you have the “fire” of Miss Satanica, you’re exactly the same as a street-walking hooker if you perform in this show?

    Where do I sign up? I’ve got Nomi-like heat, baby.

  2. Fuck Lucha Vavoom, the producers are scam artists, they also ripped off many staff workers & dancers when they tried to do a show in San Francisco, & when things went tits up, no one was paid what they were promissed.

  3. not to mention certain people were cut without so much as a thank you after helping this empire rise. eh tu, brute?

  4. has anyone figured out that all these maniacle rants have been posted by the same person. miss satanica, or should i say miss schizophrenica. obviosly you have plenty of time to sit around and bash, sinse no will hire you to work for them any more. move on. i know lots of people who have worked with lvv and they were treated very well. besides, i saw the show you were in, and half way through your act i decided it would be a good time to get a drink.

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