UCLA band geeks get free trip to Hong Kong

I kinda wish I was still an undergrad and still in the UCLA Marching Band. I quit when I needed to get a job and the football team was no longer in the running for a national championship. Free travel was always an opportunity that came with skill and seniority, but I don’t ever remember having any international travel opportunities. I’d love a free trip to Hong Kong, even if it interferes with midterms.

From the Daily Bruin:

The UCLA Marching Band sent a 57-member ensemble to Hong Kong to join lights, floats and thousands of other musicians to usher in the Year of the Dog on Sunday.

The Cathay Pacific International Chinese New Year Night Parade, in its 11th year, covered the streets of Wanchai’s waterfront and electrified Hong Kong’s famous skyline.

Marching band Director Gordon Henderson was initially in disbelief when he got the invitation from the Hong Kong Tourism Board – he thought that it was some sort of prank.

After making his way to what he thought was the location of the Hong Kong Tourism Board in Los Angeles, he was even more convinced that his leg had been pulled.

Oh, and if you can guess what instrument I played, I’ll buy you a drink at the next b.la reader party.

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  1. I’m going with trumpet. Coronet? Flugelhorn? All varying sizes of basically the same instrument, no?

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