Official Coachella Lineup Not Today?

It’s past 5:00 PM and there hasn’t been an official announcement of artists for the 2006 Coachella Valley Music Festival yet.

I anticipate that they’ll hold off until tomorrow so they make the press during primetime on the East Coast.

Here’s what it says on their official Myspace page:

You MUST be a friend of Coachella to receive information in advance. We will provide you with: 2006 Dates (April 29 & April 30 2006), Line Up Announcement (could be by monday 1/30/06), pre-sale info (almost over now), On-sale dates (posted), Artist set times (later), Contests, and all other important & interesting things we can think of…..

So it wasn’t a rumor after all.

Also, looking at the comments… wow people are pissed that the announcement hasn’t been made yet.

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UPDATE: 5000! has heard that the announcement won’t be until Thursday. WTF?!

UPDATE #2: Whoa, I was right, it was postponed until today after all. And apparently, there are additional artists who will be announced:

Promoter was interviewed on KROQ this morning and said they were adding additional bands, and that the final numbers were likely to be 40-45 acts each day. By my count, we’re at 32 and 37 tight now, so we are due for probably 10 or so more names.

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  1. Um too bad no one on the internets can post the lineup if we’re all not friends of MyGoldenSpace.


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