LA-Underground Reviews 2005…


Speaking of music, and I’d been meaning to post about this sooner, but LA-Underground has summarized 2005 in local music from their perspective:

Sifting through our hatemail, we found quite a number of readers would like to see one of those year-end thingies that all the cool kids do. Two weeks into 2006 and much to our dismay the letters haven’t subsided, in fact, they’re getting a bit more threatening now. Needless to say, nothing turns us on more than threats, especially when they include flowery declarations like “you guys don’t know shit.” Of course, we cannot deny that, yet nevertheless we’re inclined to write something in behalf of our two readers (I love you, Mom).

Several of my favorites are listed for albums of the year, including Becky Stark, Fiona Apple, Giant Drag, The Like, Kate Earl (whose songs have been played during recent episodes of One Tree Hill and Grey’s Anatomy), and (Tony Pierce‘s favorite) Tsar.

(Photo courtesy of LA-Underground.)