Heading to the San Gabriels? Get There Early.

So yesterday, we took a hike to Switzer Falls in the San Gabriel Mountains, arriving there at roughly 2pm. At the trailhead there are a few moderately sized parking lots, probably enough to house fifty vehicles.

When we got there every spot was full. Every. Single. One of them. Which was awkward, as we had to wait around in the lot for someone to pull out, and then take their spot. I guess I had no idea that this particular trail is this popular.

But its for good reason. It’s a great hike and a great environment – I saw lots of families, Europeans and small groups along the trail. Lots of people out there.

I have been to the San Gabriels a few times, normally during the week and this was the first time I made it there on the weekend, and was really surprised that it was this packed. Is that normal? Is it the same all over or are certain trails more impacted than others?

2 thoughts on “Heading to the San Gabriels? Get There Early.”

  1. My impression is that the more available trails are pretty well attended ‚Äî and definitely on the weekends…. even with that ridiculous “Adventure Pass” crap they make us buy. I haven’t yet been to Switzer Falls but I’ve been all over the Gabrielino and Brown Mountain and Mt. Lowe trails and those are almost always busy.

    I think this spell of bombdiggity weather we’ve been having has probably been a factor as well.

    Did I just use bombdiggity in a sentence?

  2. Switzer Falls is jammed pretty much year round. It’s a wierd sight to not be able and enjoy one of the waterfalls due to 20 people fishing a pond no bigger than a kiddie pool. (I’ve got pictures!)

    There’s a great book called Trails of the Angeles or something of the sort. I would recco one of the others to avoid people. Unless you like hearing tejano music cutting through the peaceful silence.

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