Pop Tops

This afternoon The Man and I went to Pt. Dume to take a walk on the beach. I usually look for beach glass, as it’s one of the few things you’re actually allowed to take off the beach these days (it is trash, right?). I didn’t find a single piece of glass, which I suppose is a good sign. But what I did find was this:


It’s an old pull ring from the top of a can. These haven’t been used for at least thirty years in the States. Anyone know if they’re still common elsewhere in the world? Or has this little piece of alumninum been sitting on this beach all this time? Frankly, I don’t miss these things – I’m old enough to have a scar on my foot from getting cut by one at the beach in the sand.

5 thoughts on “Pop Tops”

  1. Freedom – they do use the full-top pull-tops on tennis balls. But I haven’t seen a pull top like this that just makes a hole for sipping since I was in Jr. High and a friend was showing me his “antique” beer can collection.

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