Not just a flashlight – it’s also a science lesson!

Sure there’s lots of dumb commercials for crap you wouldn’t need if you lived to be 100. And then there’s the Faraday Flashlight.

Wasn’t I just reading how most LA residents are ill equipped with regard to emergencies? Everyone agrees a flashlight is essential, and nothing is quite as maddening as a flashlight with dead batteries.

This flashlight doesn’t use them! Instead it uses Faraday’s Law of Induction, which I this case creates energy by moving a coil of wire into and out of a magnetic field.


Just the mention of this would be plenty cool, but – wait for it – the actual equation is featured in the commercial!

Show your support! Go and buy the thing at if you want, but apparently the light isn’t exactly blinding–


And no I don’t get a kickback.

2 thoughts on “Not just a flashlight – it’s also a science lesson!”

  1. I got one of these… crap. Indeed, no use of batteries, but the amount of light produced after shaking repeatedly for a couple minutes is minimal and barely lasts.

  2. Oh that’s just HORRIBLE – I hate hearing it!

    Oh well, I guess back to stockpiling batteries….

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