LIFE Finds A Way (…To Totally Choke)

lifemag.jpgI’ve waxed pathetic on the sorry excuse for the once noble LIFE magazine that’s now been reduced to a painfully laughable wafer-thin insert buried somewhere inside every Friday’s L.A. Times.

But today’s so-behind-the-times issue made me especially howl in agony because it’s hyping the very-much-alive star of a high-profile dead thing: her very short-lived ABC sitcom. After gargantuan amounts of hype and promotion Emily’s Reasons Why Not premiered January 9 only to be unceremoniously and unapologetically yanked off the air after only its second episode January 16.

Are those LIFE‘ers on the ball or what? They basically had a week to either replace the fluffy feature ‚Äî or at the very least rework the angle as something of a postmortem “Her Show May Be Gone But Heather’s Still Rockin” piece ‚Äî and instead they just opt to leave it like nothing’s happened and promote her as TV’s “sexiest star” and “newest darling.”


Interestingly enough… the mag’s website is promoting its January 20 issue as its current one. “TV’s newest sitcom star” is nowhere to be found.