Indie 103 Nicks Name from Rival

I wonder what the people over at KROQ think of the Frank Sinatra-oriented feature I heard on Indie 103 yesterday called the “Furious Frank at Five?” Because KROQ’s only been doing the “Furious Five at Nine” for, like, forever. Seems a little out of character for Indie not to pick a more original title. And while I’m on the subject of Indie, I also heard the DJ say, with no hint of jokeyness, that next up was some new “D-Mode.” To which I reply, you can J-Lo-ize my Depeche Mode when you pry it from my cold, dead iPod. Bastard.

3 thoughts on “Indie 103 Nicks Name from Rival”

  1. It doesn’t seem out of character for Indie to rip off a name. They’re a big station playing a type of currently mainstream music called “indie.”

    I still like KXLU calling them “Indie 1ohno”

  2. A. Indie’s been doing the “Furious Frank at Five” for quite some time now. I think it’s a funny piss take in KROQ’s direction.

    B. I love how people still think Indie is run by Clear Channel. That’s very much not the case. Entravision owns indie and Clear Channel sold the ad space on their behalf. I say sold because allegedly the FCC bitchslapped CC for selling said ad space. From what I understand they were told that they had their hands in too many stations in the LA market and they had two choices:

    1. Stop selling ads for Indie.
    2. Sell off one of their stations and continue to sell ads.

    Guess which one they chose?

  3. It’s not alleged — the FCC did indeed tell Clear Channel they had to make a choice, either sever ties with Indie or sell a station. They haven’t been involved with Indie for a year. It makes for an interesting ownership dynamic: Entravision is a Spanish-language radio owner, yet here’s this one weird English station in their midst. I’m hoping Indie will have a long life… but you never know when Entravision might decide that it just doesn’t make sense for them to run an English station.

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