Hate Cingular’s Voicemail?

Allow me to make your day.

Recently I had to call customer service, and when my problem was resolved I got the all but rhetorical, “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

“Well,” I said, expecting nothing to come of it, “I really hate this new voicemail. You have to listen to old messages before new ones and you can’t delete anything until the end.”

Then, gentle readers, the whole world changed.

“Why don’t you use 77?”


Yep, there’s a whole slew of new key prompts that come with the (still sucky) new voicemail:

This is posted on the Cingular site and is very hard to read. Let me run it down for you:

1 Listen/Replay
2 Pause
4 Play it Slower
5 Date/Time
7 Delete
8 Normal (?)
9 Save
0 Help
* Cancel/Exit
# Skip (won’t work with “last call” messages they insist on playing prior to deletion)

I’ve scoured the Cingular website but find no mention of this, the most important key command of all time. But here it is, I freely give it to you.

You may begin work on the temple to me now.

7 thoughts on “Hate Cingular’s Voicemail?”

  1. That 7-7 has been working since forever. At least for those of us who were dragged over from ATTWS. I’ve been using the 7-7 then * combo for quite some time to get the hell out of voicemail in a flash.

  2. I just went through this myself the other day. I learned that when I used to have to push 3 to jump to the end of a message, I now push 33.

    I don’t hate Cingular Voicemail, I hate that they don’t give a crap about telling anyone how to use it.

  3. Looks like it’s basically the same as Verison. I just dug up the “Time Saving Tips Chart” (I wish there was a “Time Saving Tip Chart” to get the “Time Saving Tip Chart”, it’s _way_ buried on the site!)I have to try the “7-7” thing, though, that’s not mentioned anywhere on the Verison site either.Verison used to have a Meridian system, the same as where I worked. I could use the same commands!

  4. Thanks! I didn’t know that and I too was pissed off about the new Vmail system.

    Now if you could get them to put the time/date stamp back on the messages that would rock! I don’t know why but now it doesn’t say when the message was left.

  5. I figured this out months ago by rooting around on Cingular’s messageboard. Everyone in my office was complaining so I proactively found out all the shortcuts.

    But I still hate it. Saving and retrieving old messages is a major pain.

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