Are Drivers More Aggressive In The Valley?

So yesterday I had some errands to run in the San Fernando Valley – Encino basically – and as I was driving on Ventura Blvd I came to realization that I had come to a few times before. Drivers in the Valley seem really aggressive, more than what I am used over here in laconic Los Angeles. A lot of changing lanes to get around each other, a lot of cutting-in-front-of, a lot of not letting you in, a lot of tailgating and a lot of horn.

Or am I just being too sensitive about the whole thing? Anyone else notice this? It could have just been a bad day in the SFV.

7 thoughts on “Are Drivers More Aggressive In The Valley?”

  1. Every time I drive on Ventura I get people pulling out in front of me with nowhere to go – usually turning left into oncoming (for me) traffic when there are no breaks in traffic. Very annoying. But there seems to be terrible driving everywhere.

  2. I was riding with my girlfriend driving one time, and she exitted the 101 at Shoup up in West Hills. She stopped at the stop sign and didn’t really look so well, and went ahead and turned right. Granted, she made a mistake, but it’s not like the huge SUV coming toward her had to do more than slow down a little bit. The SUV driver’s response? She changed into the other lane, got up next to us, swerved toward us, and then slammed into the side of my girlfriend’s car before speeding off down Ventura.

    So yeah, I’d say it’s a little more aggressive in the SFV than the norm.

  3. You’re encountering drivers from “the other side of the hill” who have become lost in the Valley and are frantically trying to find their way out. Kind of like rats in a maze.

  4. We’re angry here in the valley. It’s because we get neglected in all the news reports, traffic reports etc..

    You think it’s bad here? Try out in the 909. That place is Sid Viscious.

  5. I’ve lived and worked numerous places, in just the last year. I’m not kidding when I say numerous. I was in the suburbs near Pasadena most of my life, then went to school at USC. Last summer, I lived in Santa Ana and worked in Anaheim. I’m now living in Downtown LA and am teaching a class in West Hollywood on Friday afternoons. From that class, I head on over to Van Nuys for a meeting at 5 pm. Mind you, it’s not just any trafferific day at 5, but a Friday at 5. I swear I spent 15 minutes on the off-ramp of the 405 at Roscoe and was almost hit several times because other people are so impatient that they seem to think that a red light no longer means stop. I honestly can’t think of anything worse than spending three hours in traffic on a Friday night to drive a total of 30 miles roundtrip on the 101 and 405.

  6. Try driving down the 110s freeway….it not the cars I’m afraid of it the bullets.

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