Mild obsession

I didn't get lucky today 31 Flavors at Kerckhoff Coffee House Turnstile 31 My kind of bus

I have an odd obsession: the number 31. It started the day I was born and was magnified in high school when I earned a somewhat embarassing nickname.

Since last spring, I’ve been snapping photos of 31 wherever it pops up in and around LA. In the summer, I made a friend wander around Dodger Stadium looking for Lot 31. We assumed one must exist because we saw lots numbered 32 and 33. We were wrong. Oh well. I did have more luck at Dodger Stadium getting the back of an old Mike Piazza jersey, a grainy shot of Brad Penny’s back, and aisle 31 in left field upper reserved seats. At UCLA, I found 31 on a stained glass window in the Kerckhoff Coffee House (they have a Baskin Robbins there). Last week, I caught the #31 bus heading east on First Street by the Food 4 Less in Boyle Heights. I got lucky because passengers were getting on/off at the stop which meant that I didn’t have to make my friend drive after the bus.

Any suggestions in/around LA that I can add to my small collection are welcome. I’m always up for visiting unknown parts of the city and avoiding my studies.

Photos: Headlines, Westwood; Kerckhoff Hall, UCLA; Dodger Stadium; First & Mott St, Boyle Heights

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