LA Weekly Steals Photo from LA Voice

mayhem.jpgOK, this is the second most messed up thing I’ve seen this morning (this is the first). It looks like one of the LA Weekly’s Blogs decided to write about the SRL show in LA last week and used the photo to the right to illustrate the post. The problem is, that photo is from the 2005 performance and was taken by Mack Reed at LA Voice. There’s no credit on the photo and no mention that it’s from last year. Since LA Voice uses a creative commons license similar to the one we use here, using the photo without credit is outright theft. Mack left a comment on that story but they have yet to respond or correct the situation.

UPDATE: As Cybele noted in the comments – this is not the first time they have done something like this. The previous situation was cleared up, and they have now Credited Mack but still seem to miss the point that you can’t just run around and pull images off people’s sites without crediting them.

6 thoughts on “LA Weekly Steals Photo from LA Voice”

  1. Come on! a blog by something called the “STYLE COUNCIL” is the second most messed up thing you’ve seen today. You need to get out more, give me a friggin break.

    I went to the LA Weekly site to see the “STYLE COUNCIL” bunch of crap. and found a story that trumps your second “most messed up thing.” A white writer of gay erotica has been pretending he’s a Native American named Nasdijj to sell books,

    “perhaps even more disturbing is Nasdijj‚Äôs tendency to sexualize teenage boys. A recent post on his Web site featured a nude photograph of the open anus and testicles of a supposedly cancer-ridden teenager. Nasdijj claims this was done in an effort to humanize the disease, but such pictures are often posted alongside graphic accounts of adolescent sexuality.”–from:

    now that MAKES ME SICK…

  2. Yeah that Style Council blog is crap and that blogger is an idiot, not to mention boooooooring….i couldn’t get through her posts. But the photo rocks! No wonder she stole it.

  3. personally i thought the photo was pretty lame. probably better than i coulda took, but still, pretty whatever. talk about a storm in a teacup! you’re all fuckwads, especially J.P. you’re the biggest fuckwad. i loved your outrage about the teenage open anus. you wanna see mine?

    Caroline from the Style Council

    PS: I think we should start a 50cent/The Game-style feud, whaddya reckon fuckwads? then we can pretend we’re really important

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