Kobe Ramen and back to Suehiro

Penelope and I went out for dinner in Little Tokyo tonight, we felt like drinking so we hopped in a cab and headed down to first street for some libations and food. We were going to hit Suehiro again, but when we arrived we first tried a random sushi bar, that was closed so we crossed the street and decided to check out Kobe Ramen. The combination of the restaurant being empty finding out that they didn’t serve booze should have prompted us to leave right then, but not wanting to be rude we stayed and ordered some food. Penelope ordered fried tofu and I ordered takoyaki (one of my favorites) and the enoki beef rolls.

Takoyaki is a really delicious treat that I seldom get to enjoy. Tako means octopus in Japanese, and takoyaki is octopus dumplings smothered in a sweet sauce similar to Okonomiyaki sauce, mayonnaise and bonito flakes, which writhe from the heat of the dumplings. It wasn’t the worst takoyaki I have ever had, but it also it wasn’t the best, and I will continue my search for excellent takoyaki like I had in Osaka along with my search for great make-it-yourself okonomiyaki.

The tofu was barely warm and soaked to the point of the batter being soggy in ponzu sauce. I didn’t hate it, but it really wasn’t that pleasant, maybe having to do the fact that “Polly Shore is Dead” was blaring on the flat-screen.

The enoki beef rolls, which I had seen on the internet looked nothing like the photo I had seen, in which the beef looked deliciously rare, instead they were a dull gray and lukewarm. After we finished the 3 small dishes of food, Penelope quietly asked if I wanted to head to Suehiro for some drinks, to which I replied “Oh hell yeah.”

Suehiro was packed and I had a nice big beeru along with a dish of natto and the biggest bowl of mountain yam I have ever had, even bigger than last time. We left pleasantly buzzed and a bit too full, but hey, who can resist natto?

[Btw I just wanted to note, that eating random dishes other than noodles is not a fair way to review a ramen house, so I plan to go back and give the ramen a chance]

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  1. Don’t bother. I had the ramen there once, when I was both hungry and desperately needed to use a restroom, but Daikokouya was closed. It wasn’t very good. And even though ramen is supposed to be a Japanese version of Chinese food, it resembled Chinese food more than it did Japanese. But still not good.

    Re: the big screen TV, when I was there, they were playing some awful movie with Naomi Watts, about a haunted elevator.

    BTW, beeru= a compromise between beer and biiru?

  2. Thanks for mentioning Suehiro! Let me preface the rest of my comment by saying that it irritates me that most people associate Sushi as the last word when talking about Japanese cuisine. Granted I‚Äôm from Hawaii and differences in taste and appearance may be attributed to regional differences, but come on! Sushi is almost an after thought to all of the other great food I’ve eaten. Ok. An exaggeration but‚Ķ growing up in Hawaii there was Maki sushi and Inari sushi and that was it.

    Suehiro was the name of one of my favorite restaurants on Oahu and your mention brought back such fond memories. I did a search and found a lot of positive feedback on Suehiro and decided to give it a try. As soon as I walked in the door, my hopes rose as‚Ķ there‚Äôs no sushi bar. Needless to say, the food was wonderful with so many different offerings. If you want to play it safe — like I did — order one of the many combinations dishes. There‚Äôs also a large selection of udon and nabemono choices.

    Anyway, though I’ve lived in Los Angeles since ’94, I’ve rarely ventured downtown. Your post has brought a great new restaurant to my life and I’ll definitely be back.

  3. wow great comment! thanks for the feedback and i’m glad you got to enjoy suehiro. I feel bad now because tonight the fiance and I ate at Oomasa (a sushi bar) and it was excellent. I just want to say that I love gizzard shad and monk fish liver. Review coming soon.

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