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Hey, it’s my first post here! I’m one of the “fresh meat” bloggers, a long time listener, first time caller. I’m Jillian, I’m 27, and I’m sort of a second-generation Angelino. I grew up in British Columbia, but my mother grew up here in L.A.,and I moved back here to the family homeland in 2004. Now I live out in my beloved neighborhood of Venice, close to the canals and the beach. I have a whole slew of activities and interests that will appear on my bio once I write it, but right now, I’d like to introduce you all to one of my favorite pastimes: Grownup Kickball!

This is indeed the same game that you played in elementary school. I discovered the adult kickball movement when I wandered into a game in Golden Gate Park a year ago. I was instantly enchanted, and Google’d the concept when I got home to L.A. I found the World Adult Kickball Association through that search, and promptly emailed the local rep to ask how I could help get games started on the Westside. Turns out that they were already planning a Dogtown division, so I signed up for the board, and was playing kickball in Venice less than two months after finding it in San Francisco.

I played Ultimate in Vancouver, and THAT’S a workout. Kickball, by contrast, is not. No athletic ability is required – just like in elementary school. It’s really a social sport. When the movement started in DC a few years ago, it was initiated by a couple guys who wanted a way to meet girls. All teams are co-ed, and it’s a great way to meet new people with fabulous senses of humour (which is mandatory for anyone who goes out to play, because the team names get more ridiculous every season) You go out to the field, play for an hour or so, and then go to the host bar with everyone else to hang out.

The game is tons of fun, and we have three divisions around Los Angeles:

  • Studio (North Hollywood)
  • Hollywood (Los Angeles)
  • Dogtown (Venice/Westside)

    We’re kicking off the Winter Season on the Westside with a gathering at our future season host bar, Brennans on Lincoln tomorrow (Wednesday) night. If anyone would like to come & hang out, this is a great place to meet & greet & ask questions. (It is NOT Turtle Racing night, so it shouldn’t be too crazy) And if you want to try actually kicking the ball, we’re starting pickup games next Wednesday (that’s the 1st) in Dogtown at Oakwood Park in Venice (in the hood at 7th and California). Games start at 6:30 – 7ish, and we usually play for a couple hours. Everyone’s welcome to stop by & play, without registration required – at least for the first few weeks.

    More info, on all divisions, is at

    See y’all on the field!

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    1. Well, actually, there IS broomball…but it’s not a regular league deal. Elementary school sports are totally making a comeback with the adults who couldn’t play them well at the time ;-)

    2. Speaking of elementary school sports… I’ve been playing dodgeball with the LA Dodgeball Society at the Hollywood Rec Center on Santa Monica & Cahuenga for a little over a year now. They’re an awesome bunch, the weirdest mix of people you’ve ever met, but the games are super fun and they’re very kind to newbies. Good workout for those who never work out (me), and the music is a total flashback to 80s. It’s open gym; Sundays at 1:30 and Wednesdays at 7:30, $5 for 3 hours of good play. Whee!

    3. hold on…this is who you get to blog for Metroblogging Los Angeles?

      If there is ever a time for a sound of a bomb exploding, thus indicating a bad move…

    4. Dear What?????,
      You must have missed the part where Sean Bonner listed “Cover something that we aren’t. It’s safe so say there’s a few topics that we cover all the angles on – and some we don’t – do you know what we’re missing?” as one of the prereq’s for the search for new bloggers. I think LA kickball counts, yes?

      Don’t be so bitter you weren’t picked as one of their new contributors. I wasn’t either, but it doesn’t stop me from spending way too much of my day here…

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