Longest. busride. ever.

How do and all that. I’m one of the new guys, here to tell tales of both glory and woe. I’m gonna start with this image I captured on the freeway (cause that’s all people in LA talk about anyway, right?) This is the 101 heading North one lonely Sunday afternoon.

New York City Bus?

Now, I realize that my cameraphone captures images that are a little less than “high fidelity” but hopefully you can make out the MTA logo on the side of this bus and the words “New York City Bus” written on the side (I’ve enlarged it a bit down in the corner.) This sight wouldn’t have been near as confounding had I not been the ONLY PERSON on the 101 to see this. So, was I visited by the magical phantom NYC bus that haunts the LA freeways? I have no idea. Alone on the 101? NYC bus? I just kept on driving. . .what happens on the freeway stays on the freeway.

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