Just Shoot Me Already


Thrilled as I am to be posting on blogging.la, I hope I don’t mess this post up too bad with all my pictures. I promise to get better!

Okay, on with the post:

Gosh it sure is glamorous living here in trendy Silver Lake!

Why just look at the HUMONGOUS film shoot going on here today.

I realize that I’m not getting around to posting this until it’s already dark, but believe me this shoot will be annoying people in our hood well into the night. From my house I can already see lots of lights, and giant reflector panels high in the trees.

I feel sorry for anyone over there trying to get any sleep tonight.

No idea what this shoot is, but it’s BIG.

The corner lot (Silver Lake @ Glendale) that normally stands empty unless it houses Christmas trees or pumpkins was turned into a trailer park this morning – at least a dozen full-on big trailers, plus lots and lots of support vehicles.


Trailers, grip trucks, and motorcycle cops adorned Silver Lake Blvd from Armstrong all the way down to Cove around noon today when I drove by and snapped these shots – sorry, they’re from my moving car – and dozens of cars were parked on the grass inside the fence where many large tents were set up.




I didn’t have time to ask anyone what the shoot was – does anybody know?

5 thoughts on “Just Shoot Me Already”

  1. I saw the flags and cones inside the fence around the lake on Sunday and I was hoping it was some sort of demarcation for the new park.

    So basically they’re parking where the coyotes raise their pups every year.

  2. I had the same thought about the coyotes. Many’s the time I’ve driven past there in broad daylight and seen whole families of them just hanging out and enjoying life right in that very spot.

    I’m sure they will come back, but I do wonder where they’ll sleep tonight.

  3. The size of these shoots looks very similar to the size of the NUMB3RS shoots near/at Caltech. I know the show has had at least several episodes with scenes in Silver Lake, so this is just a guess.

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