Fresh Meat

Over the weekend I made a post announcing that we were looking for some new contributors for the site. I was expecting to get a small handful of people, all of which would be accepted, and that would be that. Instead my inbox was flooded with e-mails from tons of people who are all probably more qualified that me to be posting things online. Unfortunately we didn’t have room for everyone who applied, and instead just asked people for bribes and the ones who offered the most got the high staus low paycheck gig. You’ll probably recognize many of these people from the comments I’m sure you will be hearing more from them all shortly, but I just wanted to offer a big welcome to Annika Barranti, Hexodus, Ben High, David Markland, Pacrand, Ruth666, and Jillian Tate. If there’s no link on their names it’s because either they are on the lam and don’t want to be tracked down by The Man, or because they forgot to pay their hosting bill – most likely because the used the money to bribe me.

4 thoughts on “Fresh Meat”

  1. Congrats to you who got added. Maybe I’ll catch it next time :P You need some lame kid from the valley writing for you, you just don’t know it yet.

  2. Hey Sean,
    If a shovel were within reach, I’d be beating myself with it now. Damn the internet and it’s search-specific criteria!

    I know I am far too late in responding to last month’s offer regarding fresh meat to make shit money for (at least in my case) simply blithering; but, should you ever be in the market for someone ably capable of posting 1,500 words an hour of mostly useless and misdirected self-hate and recrimination aimed at others (music and so-called ‘pop culture’ a particular specialty…), just say the fucking word.

    Goddammit, I was having such a not horrible night (which, for me, always passes as good) until I read this now ancient Sean post– and I just want to fucking slam my head through a wall. Damn…

    There goes the beer and Ramen gravy train, passing me by.

    Fuck. How does a details-defecient sort looking for such a break hire a detail-oriented assistant when well over $10k in debt?

    If at all so desperate in the future, at least please keep me in mind….

    Fuckity fuck fuck fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    chris checkman

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