bring out your dead

Last week, a Valencia (you know Valencia, don’t you? It’s where family values still exist, according to their early 90’s ad campaign) family received the really horrible news that their son was killed while BASE Jumping.

But it turns out that, just like the guy in Holy Grail, he’s not quite dead, yet.

The development Tuesday came after Scott Denham’s family and girlfriend said they received information from an anonymous source that the Valencia man died last week during a BASE jumping expedition.

[. . .]

Denham’s mother said one of her son’s friends called her last week to tell her that Denham died during a jump. The jump partners refused to reveal where the jump occurred.

Denham talked to a friend by cell phone at 12:30 a.m., last Wednesday, said Detective Ana Brackpool.

Denham’s girlfriend reported him Monday as missing. The report was treated as a “missing persons” case, according to the sheriff’s department.

GATORWATCH!!11 is taking up a lot of my time and energy, but I’ll start WHATREALLYHAPPENEDTODENHAMWATCH!!11 if I need to.