LA’s newest music label

I ‘ve been a fan of Amoeba since I first stepped into the Berkeley store in 1995. This was the music store of my dreams. I immediately ran to the world music selection to put the store to the test. Did they carry my favorite Brazilian artists (Marisa Monte, Chico Science and Tom Ze). To my utter amazement they had an entire section dedicated to Brazilian music that included all three of my favorite artists. These days, I stop at the Hollywood store and browse the mash-up section.

Last Friday I got a notice that they’re launching their own music label:

“At Amoeba, we‚Äôve always seen ourselves as part of a larger community of people for whom music isn‚Äôt so much a pastime as a passion. It‚Äôs a shared experience that connects our amazing staff of musicians and music lovers with similarly obsessed folks on the hunt for everything from Top 40 hits to Ethiopian funk, rare 78s, vintage concert posters, or just a low-key in-store jam by a local band. That experience is inspired by the great indie stores we all hung out in when we were growing up, where music genuinely mattered and made us who we are. Simply turning people on to great music has made Amoeba what it is today, from our roots in Berkeley to our newest store in Hollywood. And while we were perfectly happy just selling records, once again our passion has taken us where we never thought we‚Äôd find ourselves ‚Äî on the other side of the record business with a label of our own.”

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