have some wind

Wow. There’s nothing like waking up every ten minutes because it sounds like the world is ending in my back yard. Whoever ordered that wind last night is totally on my list.

About 40% of the trees in my neighborhood lost a significant portion of their limbs last night. In fact, one of those million year-old oak trees blew down across some power lines, plunging my entire city into creepy darkness around 9 last night. Man, it was super cool to watch the bare limbs of trees bend and shake in the wind, silhouetted against the faint orange glow of lights from South Pasadena that we usually can’t see because the lights from my own city block them out.

We escaped major damage, but the 50 MPH gusts did rip one large screen off my patio that’s going to be a bitch to repair, and my front yard is buried under about 8 inches of pine needles that are going to be so much fun to clean up, I can hardly wait.

I saw this morning that there were brushfires in Tujunga and La Canada, thanks to downed power lines. I lived in Sunland when I was a kid, and spent my teen years in La Crescenta, and even though I don’t live there now, I remember how terrifying it was whenever the winds would whip up and fires threatened those hills. Those residents are really lucky that fire fighters stopped those blazes before they could get out of control.

The National Weather Service says that the wind will settle down this morning and for most of today, but will come back just as strong later today. Those of you who are in metro LA or the coast are probably safe, but you’re in an area near the mountains or passes, you may want to prepare for another night of high winds and potential darkness.

5 thoughts on “have some wind”

  1. Via NASA Watch:
    “JPL is sending employees home today due to the flying debris, falling trees and building damage caused by 80 MPH winds. It’s incredible to watch: gusts punish one tree while the one next to it stands completely still until the wind shifts and hits it too. There are drifts of debris everywhere.”

  2. Nothing like the sound of gravel blowing off your roof onto your skylight to remind you that we’re all just tenants on this planet.

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