When Celebrity DJ’s Go Bad

So I get all these Dim Mak / Kid Millionaire e-mails about all their super fly events and Steve Aoki DJ nights and whatever and I noticed that they picked up Benji from Good Charlotte as a special guest and/or DJ at some point. Now, I don’t know Benji personally. He might be a very nice person. In fact, he probably is. But Good Charlotte…how to put this carefully…fucking sucks. For a group of people that’s supposed to be on the bleeding god damned edge of all that’s hip, Dim Mak doesn’t seem to be putting in much effort on the celeb DJ front. Is “DJ Benji from Good Charlotte” a good selling point to anyone that’s old enough to drink? Since all I have to go by is his band, I’m certainly not sold on his musical tastes. What’s he going to spin on the ones and twos, New Found Glory? Or maybe some awesome hardcore, like Blink 182. Any of you scenesters out there want to set me straight?

5 thoughts on “When Celebrity DJ’s Go Bad”

  1. you’re forgetting that ‘famous’ people are ‘cool’ and if Aoki tells the kids that that dude is cool, well dammit, he’s just rich enough to be right. Besides, who remembers the DJ when you might get your picture POSTED ON THE INTERNET by the cobrasnake?

    being popular is totally sweet.

  2. …very true. interesting side note: if i’m not mistaken, benji’s brother (the one with hilary) bought part of dim mak records recently. kinda sad when you have to BUY your coolness don’t ya think?

  3. Yeah, he’s pretty hip, though. And all the underage kids will go see him. If they’re 18, they were 13 when the music came out, and they probably liked them then. Most of those kids probably think they would like them now.

    Can’t wait!

  4. Hey, 5000!, when did you get a “real” name? Eecue, too! I must not have been paying attention.

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