Want to come blog with us?

Longtime readers of this site know we only have an open call for new contributors about once a year. Over the last 12 months we’ve had a few authors move out of LA or just get too busy with “life” or “jobs” or some other dumb thing that keeps them from blogging. This has left us a few fewer that we’d like, and we’re looking to add 2-3 new bloggers to the blogging.la la familia. Last time I did this I got about 85 e-mails from people who thought they could cut it, so this time I’m upping the bar. We’re looking for a good combo of the following:

  • Must live in Los Angeles, City prefered, County accepted.
  • Must blog all the time – seriously – several times a week at least, daily preferred. Enough to get you on this list for sure. If you have your own blog that prooves you can blog all the time you have a much better chance than someone who has never blogged about anything. Bonus points if we already read your blog.
  • Cover something that we aren’t. It’s safe so say there’s a few topics that we cover all the angles on – and some we don’t – do you know what we’re missing?
  • Not be planning on moving out of LA in the near future.
  • Actually like living here.
  • Have some opinions – not be afraid to talk about them.
  • I’m sure there’s other stuff, but that’s the main points. Am I forgetting, let me know.

So, still reading? And on a Saturday no less? Guess that means you think you can pull this off ?e-mail me and tell me about it. Got some great e-mails, will announce the new bloggers shortly!

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