Top L.A. Strip Clubs…

There was an article I saw on LAist about strip clubs earlier this month:

Q: Hey, I’m visiting LA for a week. Are any of the strip clubs really outstanding? …

A: We would answer this but we don’t go to strip clubs. We go to church and when we’re not at church, we’re at temple. And, just for fun, we like to hang out at the mosque. So, no strippers for us.

Gridskipper knows, though, and recommends Jumbo’s Clown Room amongst others.

Well I enjoy going to strip clubs from time to time with friends, and ZBone has their listing of the Top Five clubs, and they are as follows (and all of these links are probably NSFW):

  1. 4 Play, L.A. (nude)
  2. Bare Elegance, Inglewood (nude)
  3. Jet Strip, Lennox (nude)
  4. Spearmint Rhino, City of Industry (nude)
  5. Plan B, L.A. (bikini)

More to come on this subject.

(Disclaimer: This article isn’t intended to start yet another war with LAist. Jason is a cool guy and I read LAist daily, but on this topic, he and I share differing viewpoints, and it just so happens that we write for two opposing L.A.-centric community blogs.)

4 thoughts on “Top L.A. Strip Clubs…”

  1. Does this mean that the Scores downtown is no good? I always wondered, given how much exposure the Manhattan one gets, why the one here doesn’t seem to get much notice?

  2. Scores as a franchise is IMHO way overrated.

    I know Howard Stern loves them in New York, but I’ve read mixed reviews about the one that recently opened in Las Vegas, so I haven’t bothered finding out how the one in Downtown L.A. is as a result.

    If I dig up anything though, I’ll post it here in the comments.

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