Rumours of Rhino’s Death Exaggerated?

I was going to write about the closing of Rhino Records in Westwood awhile ago, as it related to the recent spate of indie record outlet deaths. But at the time I refrained because, according to LA Observed, it was only a temporary situation as a result of losing their lease. However, that CNN article sure makes it sound like the bell has tolled. Still, if it really is a lease issue, it seems a bit disingenuous to blame it on a “failing music business.” Not that I wouldn’t believe that, but I’d prefer a more honest assesment if it’s merited.

3 thoughts on “Rumours of Rhino’s Death Exaggerated?”

  1. i’m a former employee.

    i’m still in touch with a few of my old managers.

    if that place is still in business i would be shocked. i heard the bells ringing back when i worked there and the last time i went in to visit i was told that the situation was bleak and that the store would probably not last.

    i am highly dubious that it’s just a lease issue.

    also, the westwood and claremont stores are different entities entirely, so the westwood closing has nothing at all to do with the claremont store.

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