KCRW’s Douridas Arrested

From the LA Times:

KCRW-FM radio host Chris Douridas, an influential Grammy-nominated musical tastemaker who has consulted on such Hollywood films as “American Beauty” and “Shrek 2,” was arrested last week outside a popular Santa Monica bar on suspicion of drugging and trying to kidnap a 14-year-old girl.

Um, holy shit? Franklin Avenue makes humourous note of KCRW’s retention of Douridas as it relates to the of booting Sandra Tsing Loh.

5 thoughts on “KCRW’s Douridas Arrested”

  1. Kind of a bummer if it’s what it looks like and Douridas is a sleazy pedophile, I always thought that KCRW’s music programming was at its best when he was the music director and Tom Schnabel had the evening shift, payola or not.

    I just don’t listen to the radio on weekends much anymore so I’ve not really listened to him or Schnabel in some time. Nic Harcourt kind of bugs me though.

  2. on the other hand….you gotta go with the ‘innocent til proven guilty’ otherwise our world would be in shambles…..this IS america after all. we don’t know all the details, so it may just be some kind of weird coincidence (she got drunk, chris was trying to help her out, someone else drugged her and he was trying to help….) who knows. bottom line, hopefully it’s not what it looks like…..til then, enjoy the music!

  3. Probably the difference is that one was on the air and the other was off the air. Which does not excuse them for firing her or not firing him.

  4. One actually broke a rule at the station, the other is being accused of doing something he didn’t do. He needs support, and money (hello, $1 million bail?), and firing him when he’s most in need doesn’t seem like the best thing to do, at least in my opinion. If you were accused of a crime, and had it smeared all over the papers, how would you feel if your employers also dropped you? I think they did the right thing.

  5. the other is being accused of doing something he didn’t do
    Do you have some special insight into the issue that you care to share, anonymous poster?

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