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You know, you’d think it wouldn’t be that difficult to unload a Mitsubishi 40″ TV for $250.00 out here, but according to my Gaucho bruddah Tony Pierce, it and a few other items from the Buzznet offices [located on Wilshire Blvd. in L.A.] are still up for sale (the catch is you have to drive over and pick it up):

…here at Buzznet we’re remodeling the place and some things are gonna have to go, and instead of some anonymous loser from craigslist gets it i figured you guys should be able to get the first crack at it.

at the top of the list is a 40″ color tv from Mitsubishi. since it’s marc’s it is in perfect shape, complete with stand, remote, and manual. it works great but warning its HUGE. its the biggest tube tv ever made. if you remember the one in my house… i have a 35″ mits. this one is bigger. originally sold for $2,000.

marc is also unloading the super comfy 2-peice sectional couch for $450.

theres also a coffee table going for $30

and a few more items.

if youre interested in any of these email marc at [marc (at) buzznet-inc (dot) com] and realize that you’re going to have to bring your own way to get your items out of here (thus the low price)

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