Signage of the Times

Tomorrow morning a new traffic signal will be operating on Melrose Blvd. at Bronson.

I know, I shouldn’t be the type to be happy that traffic is being slowed down, but there have been quite a few injuries in that area and the crosswalk that was put into place two years ago just hasn’t stopped people from getting killed.

A little over a year ago a young man was run down (hit by two cars) as he crossed from the Paramount Lot to the parking lot across the street where his father was waiting to pick him up after work. There have been plenty of other accidents as well, but this one (and the death of Seily Rodriguez on the same block on Santa Monica Blvd.) stresses how important it is to be aware of the pedestrians especially during commuter hours. Melrose Blvd. is the border between CD13 and CD4 so I have both Eric Garcetti and Tom LaBonge to thank.

So, if you’re cruising down Melrose tomorrow after 9AM and notice that you’ve hit a little pause in your day because the light has turned red, consider it a moment of silence for those people who have lost their lives just crossing the street – more than 200 people in Los Angeles County alone every year.