man of steel resolve

Remember when those character guys on Hollywood Blvd. got nailed for extortion back in October?

I just saw the Elmo guy, and the guy who takes playing Superman a little too seriously on The Daily Show . Because I get it via DirecTV, I don’t know if it was a repeat of last night’s, or the East coast feed of tonight’s, but holy shit was it funny. He sees himself as a artist, bringing the joy and wonder of Superman to life on Hollywood Blvd., and those guys who play Elmo and Mr. Incredible are totaly his nemeses, because they’re just panhandling jerks. Oh my god, it’s sofa king awesome.

If you can’t catch it on TV, you can watch “Man of Steel Resolve” at Comedy

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  1. Ok — off topic, but can I bitch about a bit?

    You guys are some of the people who inspired me to blog. But seriously, what’s up these days? I’m starting to consider exising from my bloglines…

    Don’t get me wrong — I love some of the posts still (hello Cybele and eecue’s bike posts!). But I have to agree with Rodger at 8763 Wonderland. You’re gettin’ kinda boring…

    Before you tell me to just fuck off, or that my blog sucks too, I wanna say I do have a fondness for I gave eecue (for free!) the camera filters I inherited. I still read you guys. I love Cybele’s candy blog. Which is why I’d rather not do the exorcism.

    But what happened to the enthusiasm, the exciting, alternative views of life in LA? Like half of Sean Bonner’s posts start with the words, ” It’s official!” Enough with the officiousness already!

    I miss the way was. Have the bloggers here lost their passion? Or is that passion just on hiatus, pending the dissolution of whatever new year’s resolutions you’ve undertaken?

  2. My instincts tell me to take this response to Green L.A. Girl’s inquiry off the comment thread and respond to her directly, but to hell with that.

    Whether GLG is right in her assessment or not, I feel she definitely has the right to speak her mind and I appreciate her piping up and hope she doesn’t get dumped on for what’s she’s written. Having said that, I just get exasperated by the vague “where have you guys gone?” vibe. Are we more boring and less confrontational than say last week, or last month or last year? Maybe we are.

    If there is such a marked difference in the quality or topical content or “passion” of the posts, my only rebuttal is that there’s ebb and flow in everything. Take a favorite television program for instance. Does every single airing just rock your world? Doubtful. Do you give up on it after a few lesser episodes, maybe. But more than likely you stick around.

    But of course, isn’t a TV program. It’s a blog. It’s great that GLG has a fondness for it and loves some of the separate personal blogs or specific posts by some of our contributors, but why she might excise entirely from her blogroll is totally beyond me. If the writers here aren’t giving you what you need, wait a week. Or a month. Check back on occasion. But to slam the door on us entirely as if we’ve suddenly all gone neocon? That’s harsh.

    To try to sum up, is very much a freeform forum. It’s contributors are allowed to enjoy a minimum of editorial input so we write what’s on our minds when it’s on our minds. If as GLG says, that’s “getting kinda boring” maybe it is time for her leave behind. Personally, I’d be sorry to see her go, but I don’t think there’s any less passion here than, say, last month or last year.

  3. So we should feel happy about GLG taking a few minutes out of her busy schedule confusing Starbucks employees in order to make a green point — yet still buying her coffee from a rapacious megacorporation? Now that’s some exciting television.

    Here’s a thought: let’s ignore the trolls who post once in a blue moon, and then only to bitch about not being entertained. Don’t like it? Change the fucking channel.

  4. I wouldn’t go as far as to say GLG is a troll, but I agree that too much weight shouldn’t be put on the people we only hear from when they are complaining about us. Our traffic is on the up so while GLG might be bored, most people aren’t.

    And GLG – It’s Official! You are totally missing the joke.

  5. I apprecite the commentary also, GLG. But I’d like to hear a little bit more constructive comentary than “You’ve gotten boring” or “Where’s your passion?” What exactly is it that you think has changed? I feel like I’m still writing about the exact same stuff I’ve always been writing about. Am I wrong? I’m a fairly novice prose writer, and I look forward to input that allows me to develop that skill. But give me a little meat that I can digest and not just “what is up these days.”

    Don’t get me wrong — I love some of the posts still (hello Cybele and eecue’s bike posts!). But I have to agree with Rodger at 8763 Wonderland. You’re gettin’ kinda boring…

    This highlights exactly the problem with people (like 8763 Wonderland) saying “I don’t like that you guys are doing X. You should be doing Y.” There are plenty of other people that want us to be doing X, or Z or Q. I personally find the bikes (and baseball, as I’ve said before) incredibly boring. But we can’t please everybody, so we do what we do for ourselves. Each writer’s got their own vibe going on and I read the writers and the posts that are interesting to me.

  6. Hmmmm… bike posts ‘incredibly boring.” Not just “not my cup of tea” or “not something that’s of much interest to me,” but… “incredibly boring.”

    Brrrrr 5K! That’s cold. Don’t really see why you had to go and specifically knock something to which another contributor might take umbrage.

    I’ll try to keep my hat on.

    I personally try to find something in everything posted here and don’t just dismiss it or fall into a narcoleptic trance because it might happen to be a topic that doesn’t give me a woodrow.

    Obviously. That’s. Just. Me.

  7. Ha ha, sorry, Will! I tried to make it a point to write “the bikes” instead of the “the bike posts” because it’s the topic, not the writing, that I’m not interested in. If I were going to be interested in bikes, the exceptional writing on the topic by both you and eecue would certainly be the magic fixative that would make it so.

  8. Wow — I should really check back on the comments I make more often. I apologize — I did speak too soon. My only defense is that, on the day I wrote this, only 7 posts went up, about half of then by Mr. Bonner (You’re right, Sean, I don’t get the “joke,” whatever it is.). I got home from a wine-doused dinner a lil tipsy, and when I logged on disappointed me — which, again, I realize won’t win the pity of straightedge Sean. I guess my beef had more to do with the dearth of posts in general, esp. the kind where the blogger’s reporting on an event-type-thing that they’ve actually participated in, whether about biking or candy or whatever.

    But like Will said, things ebb then flow. A few days after this, new bloggers joined! And it’s been much livelier.

    So: I’m sorry. I’ll learn to skim better.

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