What’s the Problem, Officer?

Last night, my all-too-infrequently peaceful sleep was interrupted by what I thought was a group of loud drunks carousing outside. So I blearily peaked out the between the blinds to see if there was any cause for concern. Boy was I wrong! It turned out instead to be five squad cars worth of LAPD officers wielding a variety of rifles, shotguns and pistols and using my car (parked in front my house) as cover while they ordered a suspect out of a black truck that had been parked across the street for most of the night. They also had a young female in custody. I watched for awhile while they searched the truck (and set of the car alarm over and over and over), but it was late and nothing was happening so I gave up and went back to bed. Eventually a tow truck showed up and made off with the offending vehicle.

I really want to know what the hell happened! I thought I remembered seeing a link to some kind of police or fire activity log around here, but I can’t find anything. Digging through the LAPD site didn’t turn up anything either (though I did discover that you can download LAPD Online wallpaper for your computer). And a brief jaunt to the LAFD blog was unfruitful as well. Anybody know what other resources are available online?

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  1. I REALLY wish there was a resource – I often wonder the same thing when I see some sort of police activity. As far as I know, however, there aren’t any. Unfortunately, there wouldn’t be a good way to do it unless you were the police, and they don’t seem particularly interested…

  2. You can call the NON-emergency line and ask. I called my local non-emergency police line and the dispatcher matter-of-factly told me. Didn’t sleep so well knowing there had been a shooting outside my apartment building only an hour earlier.

  3. I second calling the non-emergency line and asking what happened. Knowing the general time of day this was happening would help them as well.

  4. Though I don’t see mention of any Fire Department response, and (as you know) can’t comment specifically on police-centric matters, it’s tough to offer anything at all without an exact time and location.

    Because you know your address, please feel free to enter it into the L.A. Police Department locator, and then (I’d politely suggest) call the front-desk at the “Community Police Station” (aka Police Division) that has jurisdictional authority over that address. Hopefully someone will be able to provide you with that information or guide you on how to best obtain it.

    Best wishes,

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

  5. No pix of the action?!

    Sorry Will! I know I let you down. :) Unfortunately, my little Elph doesn’t do well with poorly lit but highly active scenes at a distance. And, quite frankly, going out on the front porch seemed like an invitation to an LAPD “misunderstanding.”

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