Leif Garrett Cops Free Ride, Gets Busted…Again

Poor Leif just can’t get a break. Last weekend the former heart throb was detained at the Pershing Square Red Line station after he got caught riding without a ticket. A subsequent search revealed that he was carrying some heroin with him and now he’s cooling off in the LA County Jail. He’s due in court today. I guess he doesn’t have a car anymore so he has to take the Red Line down to Skid Row to score some H? And you’ve gotta love the doo rag/fedora combo that he’s rocking in that photo. Is that a costume?

7 thoughts on “Leif Garrett Cops Free Ride, Gets Busted…Again”

  1. Once again proving that child stars will do anything to stay in the spotlight…

    Or, more probably, that a junkie will do anything to get a fix.

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