LA vs NY: the hoods

Ever go to some other city and find yourself scoping it out things in relation to your own neighborhood? Ryan over at losanjealous (who might just be one of the most entertaining bloggers in all of socal) just got back from New York and felt like getting his comparison on. Street by Street, Block by Block. Here’s his side by side neighborhood measure-up:

They Have… Which Means… We Have… Which Means…
NoLIta North of Little Italy NoLIta No Little Italy (Does Maggiano’s count?)
SoHo South of Houston WeHo West Hollywood
NoHo North Hollywood
BeHo Beneath the Hollywood Sign (formerly Beachwood. Ask around, it is totally uncool to say Beachwood)
TriBeCa Triangle Below Canal Culver City Culver City
Chinatown Chinatown Chinatown Chinatown
Bowery Crazy Shit, Pricey Lofts Venice tiny harrySunny Crazy Shit, Pricey Lofts
Brooklyn Brooklyn Van Nuys Van Nuys (?)
Williamsburg Silverlake Silverlake Williamsburg
World Trade Center Financial district near Ground Zero Celebrity Centre Eighteen-block radius surrounding Celeb Centre. BeHo adjacent.

There’s more of course. Parks and Food as well as reasoning behind it all. Take that big apple!

3 thoughts on “LA vs NY: the hoods”

  1. That’s cute! But we have Monterey Park, besides Chinatown. And Long Beach is more Brooklyn than Van Nuys is. Or maybe Long Beach is Newark.

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